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We are proud to present to you the company Link On - the company that offers you advanced technological solutions for digital activity. Our mission is to give small and medium businesses the ability to integrate digitally in the best possible way.

About LinkOn

Hello, I'm Omar Jamal, founder and CEO of LinkOn. Welcome to our world - a world where we focus on characterizing, planning and developing technological solutions that enable businesses to go through a process of transformation and adaptation to the digital space.

With my experience of over 7 years in providing services to large companies in the field of characterization, planning and development of information systems, I realized that many businesses encounter challenges in the digital field, lack of compatibility with the technological infrastructure and lack of suitable tools to use.

Then during the Corona period, a time when many businesses encountered the difficulty of creating a necessary digital interaction with their customers for the purpose of providing service and sales. I identified a unique opportunity: to help businesses and organizations cope in a new way in the digital space.

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We are available for you, to talk, to listen to you, and to get to know your business activity closely. and check options to integrate our solutions in your business activity..

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